Biobased Conferences 2016: the Netherlands

In the first half of the year 2016, when the Netherlands has the presidency of the European Union a series of conferences will take place to highlight the role of biobased materials and energy and its role in the economy. These will be agenda setting conferences where state of the art world wide knowledge will be presented and researchers, industry and policy makers will develop future plans.
All conferences differ in focus and target group, but all are linked through the topic biobased economy. WBM 2016 has a strong focus on business from biomass in industry, whereas the Bioeconomy stakeholder meeting has a wider focus, and will look into the relevant policies to implement the
bioeconomy in Europe.
The European Biomass Conference will close with research results answering the relevant demands from policy and industry in the Bioeconomy. A follow up on Smart Industries is closing off.

1. ECO-BIO Conference (6 – 9 March, Rotterdam)
The ECO-BIO Conference 2016, will be organised by BE-Basic Foundation in collaboration with Elsevier. This conference is a first of its kind and provides a platform where industries, scientists, ngo’s and governments will meet each other to discuss the needs of a biobased economy from an academic, environmental and societal point of
It will highlight recent developments and the necessary steps to make the biobased economy a reality. How do we embed the biobased economy in society? How do we create new partnerships to enable new cascaded biobased value chains? These developments will have a huge positive impact on sustainability issues and our future economies. It is time to upscale our innovations and turn them into real, practical solutions. The ECO-BIO Conference takes place on March 6-9, 2016 in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

2. World Biomass Markets (14 -17 March, Amsterdam)
Learning from others successes and failures can give you that extra advantage to help make your project a success. Come to WBM 2016 and:
* Receive updates from those at the industrys cutting edge on how technology risks are being managed.
* Hear from those who have succesfully navigated the “valley of death”: How did they secure financing and achieve scale?
* Learn from 5 global case studies – insight from each continent gives you a full overview over the global bioeconomy and it’s opportunities.

3. Bioeconomy Stakeholder Meeting (12 – 13 April, Utrecht) 
The Bioeconomy Stakeholder meeting will contribute to the global challenges on food security and climate change and reailizing a European circular economy. It is part of a series of conferences on the bioeconomy in Europe, from Torino in 2014 to Berlin in 2015 and April 2016 in Utrecht. This conference is organised by the EC and Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands.

4. European Biomass Conference (6 -9 June, Amsterdam)
The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) is a world class annual event which, since 1980, is held at different venues throughout Europe. The EUBCE covers the entire value chain of biomass to conduct business, network, and to present and discuss the latest developments and innovations, the vision is to educate the biomass
community and to accelerate growth. The EUBCE will host a dynamic international Exhibition for companies and research labs to showcase their latest products and bringing scientists, technologists and key players together with leading Biomass industries and organizations.
Thanks to more than 3,500 authors and co-authors, 1023 abstracts have been submitted from 75 countries; received abstracts cover the entire range of biomass knowledge and technologies. Increase in submitted abstracts of 20% in comparison with the 2015 conference in Vienna (805 abstracts). Increase of 35% in abstracts received from Asia / Pacific and Latin / South American regions. Particularly strong response to the topics Biorefineries and biobased products, Biomass potentials, Gasification for energy and syngas production, Pyrolysis and Environmental Impacts. The EUBCE is proud of its collaboration with Biomass & Bioenergy Journal and we are pleased that through this, our conference delegates have the opportunity to have their work published in this prestigious scientific journal. The EUBCE is organised jointly by the the EC/JRC and the organisors.

5. Industrial Technologies (22 – 24 June, Amsterdam)
The industrial technologies conference aims to contribute to the discussion for new opportunities for the high tech manufacturing industry and anticipating on the future of the industry for the next decade. The conference brings together all the right people at the right place at the right moment to develop a Smart Europe. Biotechnology is part
of the programme.
* Smart Views International distinguished keynote speakers present their views on future developments in the process and technology industry
* Smart Knowledge A wide variety of researchers share their knowledge and insights in the field of process and product technology
* Smart Industry Site visits
* Smart Funding Pitches, investors
* Smart Agenda H2020 European Research Agenda

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency is through the participation in the different programs involved as a facilitator for
industry to participate in these conferences.

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