Market Study AI Southern Germany

Management Summary AI study
Artificial intelligence (AI) offers new potential for cooperation between Dutch and German companies. This market study was conducted among 22 German companies in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. These regions were chosen because of their economic importance to the Germany economy and the high concentration of AI companies in the field of Smart Industry.

1. What do German companies need?
The survey revealed that currently most AI use cases have already been implemented in the field of automated quality assurance1. However, providers are needed in the field of predictive maintenance and autonomous robotic systems as German companies are planning to implement these type of systems in the short or long-term (figure 2).

During the interviews German companies were asked about the obstacles and issues that exist in the field of AI. It is difficult to convince decision-makers in German companies because they tend to have a risk-shy nature and the benefits and added value of AI is often not directly clear to them.
But above all this there is a lack of data so they urgently need partners for data exchange and are looking for specialized data scientists.

2. How to pitch?
In addition to the actual AI knowledge, Dutch companies are preferred over local companies if they meet criteria such as the ability to execute and domain knowledge. When it comes to AI the providers should not only focus on mathematics but more important, they know the use case and are able to put it into production.

3. Where to find the German customer?
On the business side, platforms such as associations (bayme, IHK, VDMA or digital innovation hubs) and AI-specific and sector-specific regional conferences are currently used for AI exchange, while many national AI initiatives also promote AI exchange and networking among businesses. There are also links to European AI initiatives.
Other aspects where Dutch providers should pay attention to are especially the AI standards. Germany published a standardization roadmap on AI.

Link to the full market study (available in English):