German researchers most likely partner in Dutch research

The Dutch Innovation Attaches in Berlin have analyzed the amounts of German, Dutch and joint German-Dutch scientific activity within the European Framework Programs. The results allow for monitoring such scientific activity over a prolonged period of time. For these statistics the amount of projects started in a year were counted. The full analysis can be downloaded below.

Some interesting facts:

  • Last year Dutch and German scientists collaborated in 579 EU funded research projects.
  • Over the last five years the Netherlands and Germany jointly participated in on approximately 546 projects per year. This averaged to about 12,7 % of all EU funded research projects during those years.
  • Over the last fifteen years this percentage ranged from 8,0% in 2000 till 19,2% in 2004.
  • The Netherlands participated in 16,8% of all German coordinated research projects. Only the UK, France and Italy cooperated with Germany more often.
  • Germany participated in 32,3% of all Dutch coordinated research projects. This makes German researchers the most likely international partners in Dutch coordinated research.
  • Germany participated in 36,6% of all EU funded research programs (2nd in Europe), Dutch researchers were involved in 19,6% of all projects (6th position).

Further elaboration on these numbers can be downloaded in the full report:
German-Dutch cooperation in the Framework Programmes.pdf