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Biobased Conferences 2016: the Netherlands

In the first half of the year 2016, when the Netherlands has the presidency of the European Union a series of conferences will take place to highlight the role of biobased materials and energy and its role in the economy. These will be agenda setting conferences where state of the art world wide knowledge will be presented and researchers, industry and policy makers will develop future plans.
All conferences differ in focus and target group, but all are linked through the topic biobased economy. WBM 2016 has a strong focus on business from biomass in industry, whereas the Bioeconomy stakeholder meeting has a wider focus, and will look into the relevant policies to implement the
bioeconomy in Europe.
The European Biomass Conference will close with research results answering the relevant demands from policy and industry in the Bioeconomy. A follow up on Smart Industries is closing off. Continue reading

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